Talent Management

Thanks to our corporate experience, we know that in talent management there is a great inconsistency between how people’s potential is defined and the tools we apply to identify them.

From Glasford International Uruguay we developed the Talent Package model, based on the integration of 4 steps: la Cultura Organizacional, la Proyección en la Compañía, la Aspiración de Carrera y el Compromiso del Colaborador.

When we combine learning with succession and career development, we obtain an integral solution for the strategic planning of the people within the organization, generating a pool of available talents for the next level of responsibility.

We know that in talent management, to identify the potential of people, it’s essential to apply the right tools. From Glasford International Argentina we developed the Talent Package model, based on the integration of 4 axes: the Organizational Culture, the Projection in the Company, the Career Aspiration and the Commitment of the Collaborator.


  • Guarantee a talent management strategy that adds value to the business with a comprehensive and scalable model.
  • Progressively add  compatible phases with current company practices.
  • Plan business needs rather than focus on filling vacancies.
  • Being able to estimate the career projection of collaborators with a consistent and customized model that is nourished by different theories.
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